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Customized Freightliners

These vehicles are the Cadillacs of the commercial bus world. In addition to standard yellow we have black luxury models with interiors customised for luxury and comfort.


Luxury Customization

With reclining seats, 22 inch TV screens, theatre sound system, and plenty of luggage space, these buses will get you where you need to go in style.


Great Safety Features

All buses in our fleet are equipped with many safety features both from the manufacturer and modified by us. Some of these safety features include upgraded front bumpers, spare tires, heaters that work even if the engine isn’t running, front door, back door, side door, 6 emergency exits, tire chains and more.



Rigorous Driver Training

We offer ongoing training to our drivers who handle our fleet. These courses can range from in-house training on tire chain application and removal, to out sourced training like Defensive Driving.


Exceptional Maintenance

We believe that spending the money and taking the time to exceed the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule goes a long way in delivering flawless service. Our fluid changes are done on time, belts and hoses changed long before recommended, and defects are reported and fixed immediately for all vehicles in our fleet.


Auxiliary Heating Units

We’ve invested in auxiliary heating units across our fleet that run separately from the engine so that even in the unlikely event of the bus dying on the side of the road your employees will be warm and safe until a backup bus can arrive.


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